Anti Aging Vitamin Facial – This fountain of youth facial stimulates, hydrates, restores balance to sun damaged, abused or neglected skin. Featuring a powerful collagen application as well as a potent anti-oxidant complex, which revitalizes the skin, promotes collagen production and provides advanced protection against harsh environmental factors, this “anti-aging” treatment rejuvenates and gives an overall youthful glow.

Four Layer Facial – This seaweed-based product utilizes the natural therapeutic properties of the sea, helping to hydrate & rebalance the skin. Designed to rehydrate, remineralize and rebalance your skin. You’ll notice instant improvement in skin tone and texture.

Collagen/Champagne Facial – Designed to provide hydration & diminish fine lines. Excellent treatment for dry, sun damaged skin. Silky skin and restored hydration make this facial excellent after traveling, exposure to the elements. The ingredients used in this facial, act in harmony by stimulating and nourishing to render your skin revitalized firm and glowing.

Make-up-Jane Iredale-The Skin Care Make-up

The make up that’s healthy for your skin. A synergistic blend of mineral and vitamin based make-up with a non-chemical SPF20 Allergen-free, this line of make-up treats and protects the skin without any trace of alcohol, dye, talc, oil, binder, fragrance, or preservative that could be harmful or irritating to your skin.

Dermalogica Skin Bar…Complementary!

Targeted skin care for unsurpassed results.
See your skin’s past, present and future, in only 5 minutes.

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