How to Avoid Post Laser Hair Removal Hyperpigmentation

The worst side effect that would affect you after a laser hair removal is hyperpigmentation. People with darker skin are at a higher risk of suffering from this complication as a result of the production of too much melanin. When a person with a dark skin is exposed to laser’s radiation during hair removal, it will trigger the cells that produce melanin to produce more of it in order to provide protection against the intense heat. This is what causes the hyperpigmentation. Here are great tips that will help you to reduce the risk of suffering from hyperpigmentation after a laser hair removal:

  • Get the laser hair removal process carried out during winter: you should ensure that the process is carried out in a time when there is little or no sunshine as the sun is a great trigger to hyperpigmentation.

The process will take about three months and you should, therefore, plan the session to begin when winter sets in so that by the time summer comes, your skin will be already recovered and ready to bask in the sun.

  • Avoid tanning before a laser hair removal treatment: Tanning your skin before a laser hair removal will only make the process more painful and the results anticipated will be impossible to achieve.

If your skin is tanned, the heat preceding from the laser will burn the skin and fail to work on the hair as intended. This will lead to severe side effects instead of getting rid of unwanted hair.

  • Avoid exposing the skin to the sun immediately after laser hair removal treatment: Even if the laser hair removal was not carried out on the face and hands, they will be most affected by the sun’s radiation. The best option will be to keep off the sun for three days after undergoing the laser hair removal.
  • If you must walk in the sun after a laser hair removal treatment, ensure that you are wearing a hat that has a wide rim, long-sleeved shirt, and sunglasses as well. You can also wear gloves when driving in areas where the fingers will be exposed to too much sun instead of holding the wheel with your bare hands.
  • Apply a sunscreen lotion on your body before going to places where you will be exposed to the sun; this will offer protection as long as you remain in the sun and you will not have to suffer from hyperpigmentation.
  • Always ensure that the person carrying out the laser hair removal treatment is a professional who will use the correct system according to your skin tone. It may be more expensive but it is worth it as you will get great results with minimal side effects.

Preparation before a laser hair removal is also a great way to avoid hyperpigmentation after a laser hair removal. Stay out of the sun before you get a laser hair removal as this is the primary cause of this menace. People who have previously undergone a laser hair removal in a particular spa are in the best position to offer advice as to whether the services offered are professional or not. Always remember that preparation has a great impact on the outcome of a laser hair removal process.