Eyelash extension is quite a complicated affair which can really mess your spa if handled in the wrong way. The glue used in fixing the glue may damage the eyes if care is not taken; as a result, you need to learn from the experts to be able to become a pro in this field.

Here is what to look out for when choosing a lash extension course:

  • Course accreditation: The course chosen should be accredited to avoid losing your money on a certificate that will not earn you any recognition. If the course is not widely recognized and accredited, look for another course to avoid rejection by potential clients.
  • Seek to know the continuing professional development points the course will earn you. Lash extension courses are awarded different points depending on what is taught. The more points a course has, the more you will be able to build your qualifications.
  • Class size: You should choose a class with a small number of students as only then will you be guaranteed of individual attention when you need it. A large class will exhaust the tutor and he may not have the time for private tuition or clarification when called upon to do so.
  • Look out for reviews from those who have previously undertaken the same course: You can ask around for people who have undertaken the same course and hear their opinion concerning the same. You can also check how they are progressing in the lash extension business to determine if the course is really worth investing in.
  • Ask whether the trainer offers continuous support after training: Most of what is applied in lash extension business is learned on the job. You should, therefore, seek to know if your trainer will be available any time you will need to consult in the course of implementing what you learned in the course.
  • Cost: Choose a course that you can afford to pay for; there are schools that teach great tips in lash extension application and charge minimal fees, while others that will charge exorbitant prices and offer substandard lessons.
  • Products used in the training: The course chosen should expose you to the best brands in the market and not one that will always use fake and substandard materials for the training. You should be able to recognize a good brand and a fake one as a result of the training.
  • Availability: When choosing a course, you should consider the time available for attending the training sessions. Choose a course that has flexible hours so that you will be able to carry out other commitments as well.
  • The course chosen must not just be theoretical but a hands-on training; if possible your trainer should have a spa where he attends to clients in your presence. This will also give you a chance to try your hands on the job so that by the time you start on your own, you will know how to apply lashes on a real client.

Choose a person with a good reputation to train you as it will be easier to market an accreditation earned from such a course. If you choose to learn from a college that is not known, people may not be able to trust you to carry out a professional lash application.

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