Everything to know about indoor tanning lotion

When it comes to looks and beauty, nothing comes close to perfectly tanned skin. While most of us wish for a golden glow, some have naturally bronzed skin. Basking under the sun has been one of the most popular ways to achieve that honey-glazed golden complexion. However, the sun doesn’t shine all around the year. Besides this, sun tanning has been proven to be harmful to the skin in the long-run. Luckily, there are various safe tanning options like airbrush tanning, tanning beds, or VersaSpa tanning near me. Self-tanning products like indoor tanning lotions are also widely used by regular tanners.

If you are also considering trying your hands on indoor tanning lotion, here is something you should know about.

What are indoor tanning lotions?

Indoor tanning lotions are products that are used to speed up the tanning process. Such products work by maximizing the absorption of UV rays by the skin.

The active ingredients found in indoor tanning lotions accelerate the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a byproduct of the reaction when our skin comes in contact with UV rays. Melanin is what gives our skin the dark shade.

When you use the tanning lotion, it increases the production of melanin. Tanning lotion also ensures that the melanin gets accumulated on the top layer of the skin.

How to get the perfect indoor tan?

Most women wish their golden tan to last throughout the year. They either head to the beach to maintain their golden glow or visit the tanning salons VA Beach for a professional touchup.

Over the years, indoor tanning techniques have gained the attention of tanning aficionados. While it’s possible to achieve a tan without the sun’s help, the process can be overwhelming. One should start by looking for the tanning lotion that suits their complexion and blends well with their skin tone.

Knowing your skin type and the tone goes a long way in ensuring you get the right tan results. Once you understand how your skin is and what shade will go best with it, start looking for sunless tanning options. How to apply tanning lotion?

Applying tanning lotion doesn’t require training. However, there are some things one should keep in mind when using tanning lotion.

Most tanning lotions have bronzers as an active ingredient. Some tanning lotions have natural bronzers, while others have DHA.

Tanning lotions that contain DHA are likely to leave orange streaks. This is because DHA allows the artificial tan to develop fast. The DHA or dihydroxyacetone darkens the dead skin cells to create an artificial tan.

When using the indoor tanning formula, apply it even on to your skin. Ensure to apply the lotion evenly on your ankles, elbows, back of the ears, knees, and all those parts where streaks may develop.  

People with fair or pale skin tone find it challenging to achieve that desired tan even after repeated sessions at versa spa near me.  Such people are also susceptible to sunburns, freckles, and skin inflammation. If you too experience such an issue, you should use tanning lotions recommended by a beautician.